Tuesday, 1 April 2014

student book : an update

am delighted to report that i have received 41 submissions for the student celebration book
i've filed them all in an orderly manner
and now begins the task of compiling them.

i need to think of a slightly catchier title than "student celebration book"
so if you have any brilliant ideas do please drop me a line in the comments
[if there's one that sets the chimes in my New Orleans inspired windsong tree ringing i shall reward the author with a small surprise parcel]

i shall also be trawling through my enormous collection of images
and choosing a selection of those to add as well - wishing i'd had the sense to mark workshop locations on a map from the beginning as it would be quite amusing to follow those breadcrumbs

ah well.

in the meantime,
Velma, bless her, wrote some thoughtful words about fieldnotes
and kindly said she didn't mind if i shared them
so here they are

ps there's a kitten chewing on my toes.


  1. How about Earth Songs...or Earth Celebration.

  2. I hope that my photos have made it all the way through the unknown paths of the www- put my thinking cap on because a "surprise parcel" sounds great.

  3. Botanical musings - students work
    Travels with a dyepot

  4. i am very glad you have got so many submissions, and thank you for your great work for us . Name : students gem - a travel through botanical print.. or eco colour expression through students

  5. Book title: Color Chameleons

  6. A Wandering Wayfarer's Whirled and Her Classrooms of Communal Cauldrons

  7. "Travels with Charly" has been taken already - I like Debbie's idea: something like "traveling cauldron" ...could be a starting point. The word "adventures" wouldn't be bad either...the fact, that you are constantly traveling around the world could be another suitable starting point...the whole thing is really tricky! But I don't think it's something to worry about: India is soooo good with words!

  8. Played with a few words & some of the thoughts from others ... maybe a little more oil for the cogs? mix n' match.

    Tales from Cauldrons [Ed says this is too "witchy" chucklechuckle]
    Color from Cauldrons
    Cauldron Celebration : By the Students of India Flint
    Making : A Student Celebration
    Celebrating Windfalls
    Gathered Together : A Celebration of Students
    Gatherings : What We've Made, from the students of India Flint

    ... but I dare say, I really like Madam Shen's!

  9. "Celebrating Windfalls"....would be my favourite so far.

  10. Echoing colors:
    A celebration with Students

    I tried to relate the title of your first book with this one so started out with Ecoloring which made no sense.
    It was Ecoloring: a celebration of students