Monday, 14 October 2013


wouldn't it be so comfy to loll about in a pair of onesies all day, like the ones that Izzie wears?
[why are onesies referred to as a pair? that's ridiculous]

if lovely people like Sheri
continue to give me treats for the road
like this

then a pair of onesies
will become an absolute necessity

thank you Sheri, for that massive dose of endorphins :)
and Sidnee for the gin and Liz for my tiny silver heart
the sweetie much earlier in the week
whose name i regret presently escapes me
but who brought me a sustaining chunk of organic ginger root
to feed my tiny teapot

blessings upon you all


  1. Oh, two of my favorite chocolate brands.. and there's that adorable kitty again. A pair of onesies, like a "pair" of scissors.. I get that scissors have two blades, but they are permanently attached, so...

    1. big smile on soon-to-be-smeared-with-chocolate face

    2. then there's raveled and unraveled. lovely little gifts-enjoy!

  2. Onesies, cats and chocolade.............
    all i need for a perfect day!

    1. That cat wears the best onesies I have ever seen

  3. I have some warm fleece onesie pj's with the feet in them!!! just like a toddler. and I love them!!! wish I had bought more than one pair when I had the chance :))))

  4. To India

    Virgin Cloth

    the shroud which cloaks my soul
    spun of the sun, the moon, silks and wools
    its delicate fibers twisted and woven by the hands of God
    virgin white from the day i was born
    has been dipped into the essence of India...
    woad and weld, prunus and rust, Australia and Violette,
    into a three day dye bath i was seeped...
    India, maker of magic, dyer of dreams, weaver of earth, sky, water, and fire
    metamorphosis of plant fiber into spirit cloth
    elemental world transposed onto material world
    a magical union, reunion
    i am transformed and trans fixed
    set aright in my world...
    i have found my color, my path, my home
    Mother bear gentle soul beautiful spirit India
    on the alter of my heart i place you forever
    in gratitude and beauty.

    With love and blessings, Sheri (chocolate and turkey feathers :) )

    1. And you me dear are a clear and shining light

  5. How wonderful to write something for India! that is so heartfelt. I know the feeling too.

  6. Now that looks like a blessed day!

  7. I've always wondered why 'trousers' are a pair???

  8. Your life and travels....what a true fortune.

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