Thursday, 17 October 2013

at the tin thimble

here at the Tin Thimble in Loomis
we have been gathering windfall in the main street
devising marks to identify each piece of cloth

stringing a story [thank you Sandra for letting me adopt the clothesline to hang clues]

cooking bundles in a fabulous copper pot

eating delicious lunches made by Violette

and sharing a big table
on which to reveal the magic

and again i've had the chance to meet people
with whom i have corresponded in the past
as well as
catch up with some folk
i've encountered before


  1. Wishing you the most wonderful six weeks............

  2. Ah, Violette's food. The Tin Thimble looks good too. Great combination! xo C

  3. I'm seriously craving a pot like that!

  4. Every bit of that looks divine - from worktables, to clothesline, to oh yum, lunch! And whoever has that personal mark up there on the far right, well, that's identical to my own ... small *whirled,* just love that.

  5. You are lucky to have that most wonderful violet! I very much enjoyed her presence in our class in Eugene.