Monday, 23 September 2013


there have been some sweet "reviews" of late...

from Christi
and Susan
and even from Maiwa

i'm getting quite pink around the ears.

my host is letting me cook chowder
[i'm afraid i messed up the kitchen a bit]
which helps prevent too much going to my head.


today in class
we took an hour
to focus on one leaf
each of us working with one
examining how it looked
and felt
how it sounded
and smelled
and writing down what that leaf evoked for us
before bundling it into a dyepot

the pix above are student work from today
the single leaf reverence bundles
will be opened tomorrow...


  1. Those one-leaf bundles are bound to be prayers.
    Exquisite prints!

  2. theese prints are so fantastic, i can still wounder how different the leaves are comming out ,your magic hands making the bath , the country , the earth , the time of the year -----