Tuesday, 24 September 2013

colour literally gathered from the gutters

we haven't had to look far
for beautiful colours here at Maiwa
they are literally drifting to the ground from 
local trees [within 200 yards of the dye studio]

no adjunct mordants are being used
leaves and water
paper and cloth
i am having a splendid time
[i do hope they ask me back]


  1. Maiwa always sounds such a fine place. And to judge by their blog, they are enjoying you as much as you're enjoying them. All this, and dyeplants within reach. What a perfect arrangement!

  2. the print and colour are fantastic , i still wounder how different print come out , !!!

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  5. Among all the amazing pieces of dyed cloth I spotted the wonderful Aesop handcream. I got so used to the herbal smell when I attended your class in Scotland, I 've already purchased one online! The smell always takes me back to the studio. Feel like old Marcel P. already....
    (Deleted my first attempt because of spelling mistakes. Hope this one is presentable)

  6. Truly beautiful results, its magic. Our leaves are beginning to turn in England now so I am busy experimenting hope I achieve some results as good as these.

  7. How completely beautiful and amazing! Nature dazzles us once again.

  8. Thank you for posting so many wonderful images--- all those beautiful outcomes and it sounds like you are having such a good time too... I think it all looks so poetic.

    1. a note to comment readers : Donna has just published an exquisite book...follow the breadcrumbs through the forest to her blog to find out more

  9. Those imprints are amazing and the colours! I can't believe there was no other mordant. Maiwa must indeed be a special place. Like Eva, I, too, love the Aesop cream and it takes me back to the workshop I did with you also. Fabulous stuff.
    Rgds Claudia

  10. Just wonderfully strong colours and prints . . . must be something in the air . . .

  11. Beautiful! These pictures make me want to skip going to work today to stay home any play in the leaves!

  12. Yo amo su trabajo , vivo en México y hablo poquito ingles , quiero saber si tiene algún libro para aprender sus técnicas , o algún curso vía internet
    Muchas gracias y felicidades !

  13. Yo amo y admiro todo su trabajo ! , vivo en México , quiero saber si tiene algún libro para aprender sus técnicas o algún curso vía internet , se lo agradecere mucho

    Gracias y felicidades !