Sunday, 22 September 2013

at Maiwa

i left Lopez with considerable reluctance
but warmed by the comforting thought that
i will be back. it really feels like another home.
it's a rare thing to feel so compatible with hosts you've only just met
that it doesn't feel at all out of the ordinary to be sitting over the remains of dinner
reading poetry to each other
and comparing pocket music libraries
it was a very good time
thank you Christi
and Patsy & John Sangster
and all my lovely students

the train journey up the coast
was truly beautiful
through dazzling scenery
now i'm teaching at Maiwa
[again being thoroughly pampered by my kind hosts]
and there is rather a lot of magic emanating from the dyepots

the pavements provided a clue
as to potentially useful material

prunus leaves
literally scraped out of the gutters

the magic of maple
dogwood over prunus over cotoneaster
and good old sugar maple strutting her stuff


  1. Yoiks, you got pure black???! Woweee!!

    1. not black, but better....dark dark midnight blues

  2. We are all the richer for having had you here.

    Sure looks like Maiwa has some lovely surprises up her city sleeves ~ beautiful prints!

    1. pretty colours from the pavements of the block surrounding Maiwa East...even a goldenrod growing from a crack in the sidewalk. but no otters.

  3. MAIWA is a great place on Granville Island.
    I would love to be able to hop on a plane this noon and have my first apple-cinnemon muffin with a huge coffee right there this afternoon!
    Enjoy Vancouver, India,

    1. happy to be playing at Maiwa East, well away from the tourist tide that washes over Granville Island each day...only trouble is that downstairs there is a store full of delicious things such as giant handbeaten copper pots. sigh.

    2. Oh yes, I remember being tortured by the constant whispering in my head: "20 kilo luggage allowance...." all the time when I'm travelling.

    3. Local postcode is at your disposal should you find one too irresistible to pass up ... shall stash for next time ;>]

  4. Oh those prints are great.............

  5. These colors look grand and the north west looks inviting. You are blessed.

  6. So glad you are in my zone, and using the plants we have here, very inspiring, loved the layering with prunus and dogwood...the dogwood leaves are almost the last to go in the fall on our island, mother nature is endlessly perhaps could swap your luggage and pack everything in one of those large copper pots:))

    1. or i could travel in the biggest one myself, like Baba Yaga!

  7. really beautiful and the midnight blue AND mama sugar maple, well, magic is happening!