Saturday, 6 July 2013

time out

after the giddy excitement of having my work accepted 
by a rather lovely store in Los Angeles
it was good to retreat 
to the woods and shores of Haystack in order to be a quiet student
thinking about traces and marks
under the guidance of Helen Carnac
the weather varied from almost tropical
to cool fogs and mists
there was time to walk barefoot in the woods
and to eat wild strawberries
i will admit to cooking up the odd brew after hours
there were lovely rust marks on the steel plate
that appeared overnight after i left some fern fronds 
resting on it
light-and-shadow drawings
and the enchanting Maine coast landscape, those rocks
perfect for drawing and dreaming in the daytime
at night, the best place to lie back companionably
gazing up at the heavens and the shooting stars
or marvelling at the fireflies below
all the while listening to the lick and curl, slap and splash 
of the incoming tide meeting the small waterfall
that chuckled its way down the hill
through the bog
and out from under the tree roots
to the rocks and the shore

+  +  +

i filled an entire journal
stitching in extra pages
even having to let out its waistband


  1. heaven. your photos tell a spectacular tale. i'm glad you shared them. that last but one...superb.

  2. Is the last one from your room window?
    This is what I saw from mine...
    All beautiful!

  3. I'm glad you are getting a chance to recharge before you go to Wisconsin. I'm spending a quiet night at home gathering my energy before I meet you there on Sunday night. One day I hope to go to Haystack too - it looks like a place that would bring me happiness.

  4. Oh joy! A fabulous teacher (I am told) and beginners mind. Well deserved respite.

  5. I am so jealous that you are studying with Helen Carnac!!! I've admired her work since I first saw it in London in 2009. Her work is featured in the July Elle Decoration UK. Lucky, lucky you!

  6. I studied with Helen at Penland after I left you at ever summer

  7. Bliss ....and the thought of your jam packed journal having it's waisband let out gave me a good chuckle. I've been intrigued by Helen Carnac's work for years. Lucky you!

  8. What a gorgeous bunch of photos. I feel transported.
    Hugs Pam

  9. Lick and curl, slap and splash. Tomorrow Knux and I will head to the coast. I live too far inland. A rest is a good thing. :/