Sunday, 7 July 2013

a LOT of pictures of the big apple

i have a confession to make.
i have been in New York since yesterday morning
and not set foot inside a single museum

instead i am living in the present
taking note of the everyday
and wearing out my boot leather hoofing it around town

blessed be the waitress at the Diner on 9th avenue
who made my day by asking to see proof of age before supplying me with a margarita

even though i am as wrinkled as the vinyl on that chair
 she probably just forgot her contacts
but it made my day

New York is full of marks and signs
delicious bookstores and really interesting clothing stores
like Mieko Mintz, where Eiko kindly let me take her picture
loved the road markings laid out in ducktape

 who knew that wedding gowns had a season
and that they were stored when it was off

the boots have the last word



  1. India, there's definitely a wedding season. All bride's these days want to be married in "a beautiful garden". Try convincing them the weather is getting more and more unpredictable! Anyway the Melbourne part of the whirled is absolutely too cold for outdoor weddings now. They'll start again about October.

  2. Fascinating pics. Thanks for sharing a little of NY with us :o)

  3. Ha - bless that waitress. Similar happened to me recently and it made me smile for about a week afterwards! Your photo pairs are visual poetry. Thanks. I love them.

  4. Thanks for the NY pics, especially the old black pug.

  5. I love New York - and it is absolutely the wondering about that makes a visit most fulfilling. Thank you for capturing it so beautiful here.

    1. what I meant to say is that the wandering about makes the visit... although wondering is not such a bad activity either...

  6. An interesting abstract of NY ... can see lots of artistic potential in your photos !
    I've never been to NY but I love it's history. Lucky you to be there !

  7. i'm So glad you had these days, and good luck to the boots (and feet). the photos say it all. you were wide awake.

  8. great photo's .. new york is a photographer's paradise .
    i love new york .

  9. Loved your "found art" photos....much more inspiring than another museum post!

  10. Great photos! Have fun on the island. I hoped to come myself but am teaching a workshop for kids on Friday and couldn't manage both. I'll be imagining what your week is full of and dreaming. Hoping you have such a great time that you come to WI again!

  11. I love walking along side of you as you gather inspiration...I love Mieko's clothing line and beautiful and textural! Thank you ! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. Just checked in on your blog and was excited to see NY!! I am leaving tomorrow for NY and this blog has me even more excited! Loved every picture!

  13. Great are already much closer to Europe... good news!
    I've already pre-washed the silk and the wool for your workshop in Scotland - I'm already excited...can't wait for the summer Holidays to start in two weeks time!
    Best wishes,

  14. My first time New York together with you...........that would have been a fiesta!

  15. Like you, I did not visit museums when I was in NYC. The city itself is enough to see. We just returned from Copenhagen and Amsterdam and although we were in two (free) museums in CPH thanks to rain and tired feet, we didn't venture into any in AMS. Too much to see! Enjoy your visit.

  16. It's very clear you just spent time with Helen.....nice work

  17. Love your NY! That's for the tip about Mieko Mintz. And for all the lovely photos. Enjoy your time here...and stay cool.

  18. It is easy to find artwork all over NYC w/o going into a museum. Broken tiles, sidewalk cracks, graffiti, rusted bits. Love your photos