Friday, 21 June 2013

on the other side

after a slow departure from the deep south
due to rather a lot of
f    o   g
and then missing the connection in Auckland
due to a combination of that
f    o   g
the fact that the wheels had fallen off the airbridge
and so we couldn't get off the plane until a good thirty minutes after we landed
[i thought NZ was the land of number 8 wire and RP7???]
i arrived in Los Angeles shortly before 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday
turned out to be a jolly good thing
i have never in my life been so speedily processed
through border security

admittedly being the ninth one off the plane helped.

much chuffed by this splendid beginning to things
i hightailed it to Claudia's house
and zoomed off with her to the nearest thrift store
where i acquired a number of treasures
since when
i have been gathering leaves
sitting at a table on a deck high on a hill above the Hollywood Bowl
stitching and dyeing
 plotting tomorrow's class,
hoping a few people will turn up tomorrow evening
so that my luggage will be a good bit lighter
when i hop over to Haystack this weekend
thinking how nice it is that what i call work
is what i would do anyway
even if it didn't pay the bills



  1. HOLY CANOLY, is this the beauteous cloth & clothing that's going to jump out of that trunk and into people's hands that




    OOOOH, tis an unjust world [sniff sniff]

    1. relax hon, i'll bring some with me to Lopez...

    2. These will all be gone. Which means you will have to make more.
      But what grand news, thank you!
      Your satchel will be much lighter when you leave here as well ;>]]

  2. I always call my brilliant finds in Op Shops, "treasures" too. I had guests recently and one commented that I had such lovely different crockery. All from the op shop! It's such a sensible way to be creative, I reckon.

  3. oh myyyyyyy (a fog is descending over my misty eyes) lurve that cloth!

  4. Ooooooo these images are particularly beautiful!So rich and earthy and wonderfully patterned.

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  6. must.have.those.leaves.and.twigs
    bee-you-ti-full !!
    Please say there are more near Claudia's place.......
    Can't wait to play with foliage (with you) again

    1. Claudia and i have been gathering in preparation for class
      and we have exquisite things to play with

  7. Tell me, Tell me....what are the red circles?

    1. tempted to write..."and what's the magic word?" but i will instead play nice :-)

      Eucalyptus gunnii

  8. Geez, you've even excelled yourself. Those colours and patterns are spectacular. They are all glorious but the second one would make such a great camouflage suit . . . hint, hint, hint!

    I can hear your reply "dream on!"

  9. glorious patterning on the cloth. may your travels here be just as fortuitous. enjoy haystack and helen.

  10. i wish i was going to that workshop ... i will wave as i drive by to sf.
    i am on baby duty again . love the cloth as always .

  11. I agree with mom, these are so crisp and layered....stunning example of your excellent technique. Don't get star struck on this the longest day......or night depending. and the dogs have carved a very nice life for yourself.

  12. Welcome and enjoy the thrift stores...they fuel my creations for little bucks. I just found a Japanese cotton kimono in beautiful colors and gold accents. I am going to wear it for a while but I am sure it will end up in a composition. Peace be with you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Replies
    1. fortunately not, so that i had plenty of work to show Church Boutique...who took it all :o)

    2. what a coup.... congratulations!

  14. oh that little cardi is divine... how lucky you are..... hugs

  15. How beautiful! Glad to hear it has all been snapped up!

  16. I love the way the leaves are rustling on the cardigan...such a pleasure to see your signature style come to life. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of you with us through your work and your blog. Keeps the fires burning.