Saturday, 15 June 2013


in seven days time
i will be in Hollywood
showing a few dresses, some wraps and
a couple of other things

which seems a little surreal
possibly even comic, when you think about where i live
and how i work
right now
i'm enjoying some boil-ups
the watchful gaze of the angel
[wearing a beautiful crown - thank you Ben and Sally]

the colours are singing

and so is Miss Pigsley

she wants MORE.
not sure exactly what of,  but more.
Boston [wearing a fetching coat]
is hanging about sympathetically

if you're in LA on June 21 [the solstice eve] do swing by the Grau Haus
the gardenias are flowering
and we'll give you a warm welcome


  1. Sweet. Many blessings on you my dear.

  2. wonderful. love ms. pigsley. it will be quite a contrast between your current chilly weather and the warmth of california. hope the event among the gardenia blooms will be a success.

    (boston looks just like my dog)

  3. Boston is a rescue sweetheart belonging to my eldest and her beloved. I tried to get a picture of all four of my "grandchildren" but Miss Kowhai [the smaller pig] turns everything into a blur!

  4. I will be thinking of you as by then I shoud have a new knee and not abe to adventure for a while.

  5. It sounds wonderfully exciting.. best wishes for a brilliant exhibition. hugs

  6. Sorry I can't make it. My neighbor's cactus is afflicted with cochineal, and my experiments have been less than remarkable. I'm curious what you do with them. Alas, another time. Thanks for showing the piglet. I'd wondered how she had grown.
    Nancy L.

  7. looks wonderful...I wish my studio had a crowned angel and assorted pigs outside. see you in the uk x