Friday, 24 May 2013

happiness + hey ho, hey ho, it's off to work i go

driving to the airport this morning
through swirling fog and mist
watching the dawn light break through to the treetops
i realised that what my work is about
is happiness.

i might be pootling off to teach people how to shapeshift in cloth
or make an ecoprint bundle, or felt a landskin
or magic colour into paper and make a book
but no matter what the subject of the class
the outcome is happiness

which comes from the magic that mother nature creates
when we set the stage in a certain way
by paying attention to small things
leaves, sticks, stones, a rusty bottlecap or a shred of aluminium foil
and wrap those bundles that are really presents to ourselves

and by coincidence, this morning's mailbox had something from
Zen Habits ...The Little Book of Contentment
you may want to have a look [confess i haven't read it yet
- will do that later in the day]

wishing y'all a happy day
....i'm optimistic for mine!


  1. meanwhile, that my friend is precisely what many of us are searching for...many thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You are right. Happy day India, from a happy Penny in lovely Coffin Bay.

  3. I honestly don't think I've ever been happier than when I open a bundle....there is anticipation, joy and wonder in's true....a concert with nature. Oh, then there was the time I bathed my 3-1/2 pound baby grand daughter for her first time.....bundles are a joy for sure!

  4. Oh ja, das ist einfach wunderschön geworden und ich kann dein Glück verstehen.

    Liebe Grüsse

  5. I have read the book. Wonderful.

  6. India, thank you for showing me how to use my eyes and hands to see even deeper the treasures of the land. The gift of your book, Eco Colour and your immense sharing and teaching of eco dyeing, etc. is a rich blessing. No matter where I travel, I take this with me to come to know and appreciate more fully the gifts of the land. I have just moved from TN to the vast land of the high deserts of New Mexico. Taking humble recycled cloth, tucking in the gifts of windfall, turning them into bundles that get plunked into a cauldron or two, well, I can't think of a better way to come to know the beauty of landscape, place or seasons. Thank you for this; it gives me deep joy and that in itself, is quite a gift.

    1. so many of you kindly send me stories of where and when the book[s] have travelled and how your magic is developing, thank you. warms my heart to think that they are really of use!

  7. Indeed; being happy & growing roots . that's what it is about!
    (hey ho, hey ho;)

  8. Busy reading it now. Zen Habits is one of my favourite links but I havn't visited in a while.... so thanks for mentioning The Little Book of Contentment.... and it's FREE!
    Happy, happy!

  9. Gotta love Zen Habits he gives great common sense advice for a contented life. Happy wandering India

  10. do you know terry tempest williams' book red?

    anyway, i went right over yesterday to read the little book of contentment...and stayed right through and read the whole thing. thanks. india, it was a good read.