Wednesday, 29 May 2013

in case you want to wrap yourself up...

just a couple of places remain
in the one-day wrapclass at the Grau Haus
as far as i can count on my fingers, the only other workshop places left this year
will be at Maiwa in September and in Portland in November
most all the other ones are taken

the diary is making squeaky noises and popping at the seams
it's highly unlikely i will be adding anything else to the schedule this year
especially if i am to realise that other project 
that's warming to a simmer
on the back hob


  1. Love the work in the image... is the leaf printed or a result of dyeing? (the latter would be amazing). Funny... I've just done a gum leaf print in a very similar colour for an upcoming exhibition :)

  2. oh. please, workshops; but the project, yes, sweetie, DO IT.

  3. I love the red leaf pattern, it's so stunning!

  4. very beautiful