Saturday, 9 March 2013

loose ends

the Wild Rose came home for the weekend
and was persuaded to try on this dress
commissioned by
Company Miji
[i designed and made the cozzies for their production 
Reliquary a couple of years ago]

her well-meaning but not wildly bright friend Molly
Molly is more Staffy than Border Collie
but has Very Good Intentions

i too had good intentions today
and spent my daylight hours
alternately hand-stitching on the dress
virtually stitching on my website
which had been a little neglected

i also put together a small book
with images and the text


  1. your wild rose echos her mama. i gasped! yay for the book, since i can't see the show.

  2. I didn't know you had a wild rose... even from behind, she appears quite the powerhouse!

  3. VEEEERY pretty! (both the book n the dress)
    Love that purple...what do you have in mind for the dress?

    And so nice to have a 'chick' come back to the roost.
    Even for a little while.
    (She looks like a little Indi!)

    1. the funny thing is they don't want colour...

  4. I've just taken a look into "Muddy Waters" - it's brilliant!

  5. Sounds like your good intentions paid off because it looks to me like you got a lot done... stitching AND making a book. I tried to view your book but something is wrong with my plug in or something and I need to update it or something.. and I have no clue and so I think I will be calling my neighbor once again. Hopefully I can view it soon.

  6. Hey! I just figured out how to update my Flash whatever and I just viewed your wonderful book... congratulations on the book and your exhibition.

  7. I loved browsing through your book. Isn't technology wonderful?!