Friday, 8 March 2013

writings on walls and printing in books

a sweet set of pix over at Shell-nola
reminded me that i had promised to put the wall-text
on my blog in readable form

but before i do
i want to show you what arrived in yesterday's mailbag

 exquisitely made by fellow wayfarer Ronnie
it will accompany me on my travels

and now here's that wall text. if you click on it it will get bigger.

i'm getting around to putting images and text together
for muddy waters
perhaps on blurb. we'll see.


  1. good to read that text. it was so much, so much... there. good to be in the deep south where i don't want to be; just for a bit, and i saw new things for sure.

  2. lovely words, makes it all so tangible

  3. Ooh, lucky you, India. I'd be hanging onto that a long time.

  4. your words
    are like a poignant riff
    on an alto sax
    everything you do
    everything you touch