Sunday, 16 December 2012

the other side

i was looking for an excuse to quote the Grateful Dead
and say
'it's been a long strange trip"

but it's only partly true. has indeed been a goodly while since i've been home
it hasn't been strange. wonderful is closer to the mark.

+  +  +

moments after the suitcase was dumped on the floor
it was claimed by its rightful owner

who promptly fell asleep on it
indicating it would not be going anywhere anytime soon

i'm back in the land where magpies gargle at dawn
sheep totter past my bedroom window complaining about nothing in particular
and strange new life-forms have taken over a cauldron
left to its own devices for nearly three months

happy holidays, dear readers
enjoy the Solstice
 slip gently into that New Year
and maybe i'll see some of you on the other side...


  1. well you 'll be seeing me on the other side !

  2. Martha (right, I think?) has a subtle but firm approach. I'm glad your trip was more wonderful than strange. I'd like the idea of sheep tottering and complaining outside one's window... here, its ravens or crows or squirrel chatter at dawn.

  3. welcome home India, have been traveling along with you via your posts, thanks for taking us all with you on your adventures. snuggle in to "home's" embrace and enjoy <3

  4. Glad you made it back to your home safe and sound. I was just thinking about you and V and the 1st night here, sharing a good meal, me in my new couture India Flint froc. It was good. See you next year.

  5. glad to see you made it home .
    look forward to hearing more about your travels.

  6. dear India,
    many, many thanks
    for your deeply rooted inspiration
    you and your work
    have infused my life and work
    with discovery and wonder
    for some time now...
    but most especially
    during my Mother's recent passing
    her glorious memorial flowers
    generously infused with
    the scent of eucalyptus...

    slipping gently indeed
    into the new
    with heartfelt gratitude...

    best wishes to you,
    xox - eb.

  7. you stayed on the proper side of the road and made it home! yay. martha is a girl who knows what she wants, so you'd best pay attention. glad you're home safe.

  8. I am wishing you a very restful and happy holiday season. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. Count me in! Cat is making sure you don't pack that suitcase for departure again. I will be thinking of your gargling magpies tomorrow at dawn when our bawling Hadedas wake me.

  10. Welcome home, we too are home, from a quickish trip to your home! Been in Sth Aust, travelled quite a bit this time, some amazing euc leaves found their way into my suitcase!! They will wait patiently till I'm free to play..

  11. Ahhh. Slipping into home. What a wonderful feeling. Enjoy the holidays!

  12. Ahhh. Slipping into home. What a wonderful feeling. Enjoy the holidays!

  13. May the Magpies welcome in Christmas Day and let you rest on January 1

    1. they can warble any time they like
      and when the full moon comes they WILL!


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  15. dearest india, that's because the word strange has no boundaries in nola, now or ever. will be easing through the open door in the treme. you'll be there.