Sunday, 9 December 2012


i've always been most fond of the number 9
which is one of the reasons i didn't fly straight home from Arizona

December 9 would have been eaten by the international date line
a shocking waste of a good day

so here i am in San Francisco instead. it's been my favourite city forever
[until New Orleans welcomed me with open arms last month]
now i have two favourite cities
[and a host of favourite wild places]

but i'm straying from the story.

i'm in San Francisco, in the slightly grotty Buena Vista Motor Inn.
the walls and floors vibrate and working girls go up and down the elevator
[and probably on a few other things too]
from my position on the sofa in my room
i can just see the red lights on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge

earlier this evening i called past an old friend
a Jasminum polyanthemum that lives near the top of Greenwich Street
whose fragrance both real and remembered has been a delight to me for over thirty years.
my most recent tattoo was [literally] drawn from my memory of this particular plant

some kind person has adorned it with twinkle lights
making the visit especially sweet


  1. Hey ... I am in San Francisco too visiting my daughter . This is my favorite city too.

  2. Happy B'day again kiddo! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  3. yes, do something lovely for your day!

  4. Nice, my 2 favorite cities too, when I am not up here on the Mendocino coast. Glad you enjoyed your found, not lost, day.

  5. Happy Day Not Lost........wishing you a very very happy Birthday in your favorite place.....perhaps you were able to stop by the famous cafe of the same name (Buena Vista) for a very special Irish Coffee? Wish I were there to treat you to one. or two....

    1. Thanks pet but I'm a regular at Trieste
      My favourite is Africano


  6. I do love San Fran... it feels like home too. Glad you have non human friends too..

    1. And this morning I also was given dog therapy
      Two polar bears pretending to be maremmas were very kind to me

  7. You're here...?!?! and it's you're b-day! Wow, what a special day. If you're staying for long I'd love to go on a windfall walk with you. :) Happy Day to you goddess! xoxo

  8. My daughter's birthday is 12/9 also so I am happy to know you have a beautiful view from your room.... take care and enjoy the spirit of the day! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart