Thursday, 20 December 2012


i have been attempting to declutter
while searching for long lost stuff
adrift in the knee-deep chaos that has arisen
over a year of coming home to empty and refill my suitcase
and am embarrassed to reveal
that things were found dating back to the last millenium
[let alone century]

these unearthed images are of work from 2001
the first year of the current millennium
not much colour
except for a ball of red wool
that squiggly intestinal installation
was created from a continuous length of English Leicester roving
it was one metre wide
and whatever long


  1. Love that installation... are you home for a while now... with a purring Martha and sheep strolling by your window complaining about nothing?

  2. i haven't seen this work, india. i wish i had walked through and visited with it.

  3. What an engaging instillation. de-cluttering is made tolerable by the discovery of treasures. Other wise, why bother?

  4. It is so hard to imagine you ever doing work without color. My first thought on looking
    at all that squiggly roving ~ and that one ball of red ~ was that this was simply a sketch
    of work yet to come...your creative genealogy, as it were.

    These *white ones* might be from your archives, but COLOR sure was your future ;>]

  5. Oh, how funny to see that you, like me, have gotten the declutter bug. I have been in a fury of decluttering the past few weeks. Rewards are many -- lost fibery treasures, things that had long ago escaped into the backs of cubbies. So many new and wonderful fibers to look forward to spinning in the new year. It pays to regroup and get organized every few years; back to ground zero and ready for new possibilities in the new year. So happy that you came upon your lost treasures.

  6. If you still have some of your older work it would be interesting to see how you could transform it with where you are in your work at this time.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. that piece became compost years ago [wool is an excellent slow-release nitrogen-rich fertilizer]...and the many moth larvae it contained provided good nourishment for hungry birds

      but the idea remains
      and may find itself resurrected

      [comment above deleted due to typo...oops]

  7. Like Velma, I'm not familiar with your work in the early 2000's, but wish I could have seen it in person. I included you on our Roy G Biv list...hope you don't mind.

    Enjoy the holidays!