Friday, 21 December 2012


i thought i'd wait and see if the apocalypse blew away the cobwebs.

it didn't.
so i had to deal with them myself.

they're quite sturdy
and probably spinnable

but for what might lurk within

and for your amusement, a list of suggestions from New Orleans for ways to spend the last hours pre-apocalypse. 
[guess if you followed the instructions now
you could bring on an apocalypse of a more personal kind]


  1. not ready for apocalypse, personal, political, or cobweb. just want an easy day before vacation with the hooligans, thank you very much!

  2. Since you are ahead of us by approx 10 hours I'm relieved to read that the 21st December is almost over without mishap ;-)
    ... I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping. Now that will be mayhem!

  3. maybe you landed safely because of the cobwebs?
    Cant be hard to find some in my home...............

  4. like the list from N'Awlins & those are impressive cobwebs!
    well it's dawn on the 22nd here in Sydney & looks like we're all still here!
    So raise a glass (clink) for a toast to our beautiful world, from this morning on let's all look after our earth and all the sentient and non sentient beings that share this third rock from the sun
    & had to share this for a bit of comic relief

  5. Okay, India -- those cobwebs look prehistoric. The idea of spinning them gives me the willies just thinking about what might be residing within. Don't inhale. I know you like to recycle, but . . . . Best leave spinning for some nice wool and leave the cobbies for the dust bin.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if we will survive the cobwebs - metaphor for tragedies in the news.. or simply cobwebs lurking in the corners-- up close they certainly are interesting.