Wednesday, 3 October 2012

background work

usually i swing into the US through San Francisco
this time i came in via Dallas and pootled down to New Orleans
where i had a few errands to run
on the way to Cleveland

a splendid purple bicycle now awaits me
for when i return to take up the residency 
at the end of this month

i plan to cycle all over this town
up and down the banks of the Big Muddy

but today i simply walked around a lot.


the folk at Madeline Island School
have asked me to let you know that the class i am leading there next summer is half filled
so if you were considering that possibility it's probably worth making a decision soonish



  1. i saw you on that purple had sprouted baskets, panniers with big loads of interesting "luggage", you astride... and it had a little bell.

    early rise and warm weather seem to have me shaken up this morning.

    1. it will indeed sprout a wicker basket and a tinklybell. the Joan Mitchell center where i will be staying would be a fair hike each day on foot and the cost of hiring a much less comfy bike is the same as purchasing this gorgeous one.

      and as you have already remarked my dear, it will be perfect for gathering windfalls...

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos. Brought a pang of yearning to my stomach. I miss my city so much.

    1. New Orleans and San Francisco - my two favourite cities of the whirled.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your voice.

  4. You should ride that bike right up here to the west coast of canada...we have such lovely

  5. Madeline Island School for the Arts sounds cool - awesome location. Happy cycling in the meantime.