Friday, 5 October 2012

making tracks...or taking them

although i love driving
i also like trains
they give me a chance to
observe the local flora
and think my way into a place

+ there are some places it's hard for me to drive away from
so it's better if the control of the vehicle is out of my hands
 [fortunately for me i will be back very soon]

handsfree locomotion means i can play with the batfone
and with amusing photofilters
bear with me.

the 'City of New Orleans' runs to Chicago through 
fascinating country. we even spot alligators sunning themselves 
[no snaps, too busy gazing in wonderment]

after a brief legstretch in Chicago
[hoofing it from Union Station across to the lake
and up the shore a bit then back along the river to the station again]
we pick up the hire car
and head east
following our noses.
Dog willing and with a fair wind
we'll be in Cleveland tomorrow.



  1. travels are going well, glad to hear. train travel is by far my favorite.

  2. I like trains... have wonderful memories of train travel in Europe when I was a wandering college student. Happy travels and look out for the gators!