Monday, 1 October 2012

a thoroughly rotten apple...

yesterday was my one day at home
after Geelong and before heading Stateside for two and a half months
i filled it with as much as i could
laundering clothes
packing new sets of workshop materials
having a gin with my mother
and laptime with Martha

who is not best pleased by the sight of the suitcase
i even spent an hour blissfully weeding in the garden
creating a small patch of order in what otherwise resembles a hayfield

and was put in mind of my favourite scene in Michael Ondaatje's book
'The English Patient'
where the nurse, Hana, takes her nailscissors and cuts a perfect footsquare patch of lawn in the long grass around the monastery where she is caring for the burned man
[it's not in the movie version, which makes it easier to imagine somehow]

i took photos of the roses
the quince blossom
the rich chocolate earth
crab apples
and the horses

and then last thing at night
after cooking dinner and while doing the dishes
i foolishly downloaded a so-called update on my iPhone

and then
my phone no longer worked.
so i had no alarm to wake me for the 4am airport trek
and consequently stayed up all night so i wouldn't miss my flights

i've managed to restore some of the functions to my phone
but all the audiobooks have disappeared
as well as my lovely late afternoon photos.

i'm not at all happy with Apple at present.
on the bright side
i shouldn't have trouble sleeping on the plane
having now been wide-awake for 29 hours...


  1. safe travels --- (ps I have heard that the latest iphone OS is glitchy --- my daddio's new hi-fone keeps ringing me of its own accord.... ghost phone! --- oh and I hear you shouldn't trust the new apple maps app which apparently has cities in the wrong country etc etc..... oh I DO hope the pilots aren't using apple maps to get you to your destination!)

  2. dang, India, that truly sucks....I'm hearing similar reports on this side of the Big Puddle as well. Can't imagine the amount of cursing that would ensue if I was bound for such faraway travel and had my main mode of communication go blippies on me.

    Yesterday I rode the ferry to another island. When I turned on my phone to take some photos, it asked if I wanted to install the upgrade. I told it to "remind me later" and carried on. While hanging over the side rail to catch some light off the wakes, went my phone, just black w/the little apple emblem glowing. Couldn't actually turn it *off*, stuck it back on the charger, still nada. I let it sit there till I got to Friday Harbor when it finally came back on. Weirdnesses. And I discovered I'd lost all the photos from the wakes.

    Welcome anyway, stateside! ;>]]

  3. So sorry you have to deal with this headache. I have had troubles after 'updating' too. Can't load pics or movies, can't view them either, except for in thumbnail size. I've been putting off dealing with it, dislike this kind of tech stuff. Have a good journey, regardless :)

  4. This latest Apple update has even played havoc with iPads. Lost all sound on mine for a bit, but thankfully it's back now. Safe travels to the states. Sleep well.

  5. egad, india, what a sendoff. wish you some good plane sleep. may those quiet times before sustain you.

  6. Oh dear! When technology goes wrong it can be a domino effect... I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't decided to do what I do which relies quite heavily on computer time and other technologies... sometimes I do feel like leaving it all behind and living a life free from it... mostly when the hard drive crashes and you have to rebuild it all over again from scratch... such a drag and so time-consuming! When I worked at Ansett we would go manual just about every Saturday night (quietest night of the week) so that we would all know how to check-in and board passengers even when systems went down. Thing is... can't really go manual with online shops, blogs, facebook and the like! Enjoy your travels...

  7. Yikes... seems tech trouble is in the air - there was a HUGE email outage on my server from last evening until this evening, but luckily all my files are fine, I just hate losing things! Sweet flying dreams.

  8. ah well. all the photos [bar those i posted here] from Geelong are lost but i'm still breathing
    so no huge drama really.
    slowly retrieving the music...