Wednesday, 19 September 2012

the eye of the whirlywind

the calm days at the eye of the whirlywind have been a delight
yesterday in perfect weather
Roz and i pootled off to Reedy Creek

...after i took advantage of a Qantas special and booked my flight to New Zealand for the workshops there in January...which may quite possibly be the only Southern Hemisphere classes for me next year unless the pencilled plans for Queensland are inked soon - i'm locked in now so if NZ doesn't fill i'll be in the Land of the Long White playing somewhere anyways :o)

where [the story is back in Reedy Creek after that quick aside]
in the slightly sideways light of
i spotted a petroglyph i hadn't noticed before
quite possibly because i have usually followed a trail that passes directly beneath it
when following that trail had been keeping a firm eye on my family of mountain goats
looking up for signs in rocks

unfortunately the pocket pinhole camera doesn't have quite enough resolution
to clearly show the image from across the canyon

so i'll show you the tannin-rich water instead

there was just enough time
to build a calming rockstack
before the airport run


  1. nice name, reedy creek, and nice stones. new zealand, ah, how good. you reminded me of petroglyphs i could just barely see on the maine coast, a sacred spot.

  2. India, love this rambling, nature-filled poem! I did not realize you have a blog also. I know your mom through her blog. She is an amazing person with an amazing daughter!

  3. ooh, indie, i found a wonderful old book on native petroglyphs etc at a book sale today-wonderful if you can't get to the 'gallery'.

  4. India l love your rockstacks.x lynda