Thursday, 20 September 2012

Marking Time and Mapping the Spirit

this is the title of an exhibition i am in
together with Susan Gaylord
Christine Mauersberger has bravely been hanging the work
challenged by a compact gallery space
and by a somewhat erratic correspondent [me]

she has kindly sent a few pix of the bump-in

meanwhile i am at home in amongst the blossoms
marking time and mapping the spirit in another way
sewing a dress [and a nightie to replace the lost one]
fashioning a cardiganthingy from a woolly jumper [that's 'sweater' for Americans]
and wondering just what i will do in the last week of October
[too short a time to hop home and back]

there had been talk of visiting Alabama
but plans seem to be skittering about like fireflies on a warm June night

it's a sign
to take time out 
before heading to New Orleans on All Hallows Eve
ready to take up my residency on All Souls Day
east or west
flip a coin?


Marking Time and Mapping the Spirit: Two Artists of the Natural World

will be on display at the Howson Gallery at Judson Park, Cleveland, OH, September 21, 2012 - October 28, 2012.

The Howson Gallery is located at Judson Park retirement community, 1801 Chestnut Hills Drive, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106. 

Call (216) 791-2885 for gallery hours.


  1. I was my privilege to install the work. I was transported by touching the work and examining the fine details. The lovely ladies who helped to install the show simply drooled. It was heaven to open the packages tied with lovely eco-dyed thread and handled with care. The ochre from your homeland left stains on our fingers. sigh....

  2. Well, you could always come early, and have a week in the country before crossing the causeway you know.

    Yes, alright. That probably is just me being greedy.

  3. Aahhh the little whirlds that caught our attention in an earlier post. Delicious! The name of the exhibition was enough to draw me in and I imagine the exhibition is just as wonderful. Wishing you all the best for the exhibition and while you are quietly mapping the spirit at home.

  4. A wonderful trio for this exhibit... close, but still far... !

    Well.... October in this neighborhood - Eastern forests - is really the bees knees, I think... but then again, I'm maybe a bit biased. Its my birthday month, and the color takes my breath away. I live in woolly cardiganthingies this time of year.. happy equinox down under..

  5. beautiful! i wish i could sit in the room with these pieces too.
    it's impolite to grope the artworks in galleries, but i confess i always want to be tactile with fabrics...
    I am jetting about too, in wa at the moment, walking, weaving, knitting, sewing up dyed silks from last trip, wildflower bathing, breathing and more.
    I like popping over and getting dye inspirations from hyour boggle/blog
    I learnt your style of dyein from your book and my mother in law jane from the central coast.
    Happy travels

  6. How beautiful! Wishing I could see them closer . . . as in person. Are those pages on the wall?

    1. They are indeed. All the pages from a book called "nothing down" baptized in a dye bath and reborn...

  7. GottaGottaGotta get over there to see it!

    And I'm going to have itchy fingers, too, Roaslinde...:-)

    P.S. Ms. I: this isn't near you, is it? (this pic was a jaw dropper!)