Tuesday, 14 August 2012

thank Dog.

a bit of last minute dyeing took place today
so as to have a few props to take
for my talk at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
tomorrow evening

luckily the Dogs were with me
and things turned out ok

and just by way of contrast
[to assure you it is NOT a totally glamorous life]
meet Teddy.
he likes his tucker
and his clean box [smelly job, that one]


  1. good luck with your chat tomorrow evening - I'll be looking to the north and sending good (smelly farm) vibes your way.... may the dogs be with you!

  2. bottle lambs are a bit of work...the photo above teddy looks like some weird, encrusted or camouflaged turtle!

  3. Teddy is a cutie!
    He is cream/white?

    What happened that you are having to bottle feed him?

    Knowing zilch about sheep, I'm curious as to their personalities...
    are they friendly/nosy like goats? Fairly smart?
    I always thought our chickens were DUMB when I was a kid, but now I know that I just didn't take the time to get to know them (it was one of my chores to feed and water and they were ALWAYS getting poop in their water....)
    So I'm just curious as to whether sheep are smarter than I've been told. ;-)

    1. research has revealed that sheep are quite possibly the smartest of farm animals...can apparently recognise up to three hundred humans from photographs alone.

      anyhoo Teddy had managed to get himself hogtied in a fence, his mother had in desperation chewed at his tail [something a ewe will do if a lamb doesn't get to its feet after birth] but his feet were badly stuck. the Eldest of my Three rescued him but he was too weak from hanging upside down and lack of food to simply be let go. but his condition has been improving rapidly - spending days in the sun and nights in his cosy hotel.

      and he VERY quickly learned that answering to his name meant he would be fed.

      incidentally, sheep often look cream/grey/pink...depending on local soil colour, but that dust will scour out to snowy white

  4. What a beautiful day...the whole day was filled with quiet beauty. Thank you for sharing. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart