Friday, 17 August 2012

in which i went to the Big Smoke

i was invited to Sydney
to give a talk [kindly organised by Dr Lim Chye Hong who besides being a noted scholar of Asian Art designs, makes and wears her own clothing with inimitable style]  
and to hold my nearly shortest ever workshop
[the shortest ever was an hour spent sitting in the street with passing children in Hyderabad, India in 2006, helping them beat leaves into their clothes with a small hammer...Hapa Zome on the run]

i came away having with my cup overflowing
having gazed at the Kamisaka Sekka exhibition
had a small taste of the Sydney Biennale
seen my work in a new book [more of that later]
and met the amazing Erin Manning
i use the adjective advisedly
she is a visual artist+dancer+philosopher+author
and very likely more

who is here with a thought-provoking project on Cockatoo Island

and the Book?

Shibori Recreated by Karen Davis and Pepa Martin
a contemporary look at an ancient craft/art
there's very good company in these pages
and i'm honoured to be included


  1. seems that this trip was hugely rich for you.

    oh, and you did a bit of a talk as well? (and a wee workshop. a wksp?)

  2. Was wonderful and I'm very happy

  3. the talk was terrific and that big bag of cloth that we could all touch at the end was such a treat, did you get a chance to see John Wolseley's installation?

    1. oh and here's a photo of your talk & a bit of a rave

    2. i did see John Wolseley's work. wonderful. utterly. and it was good to meet YOU in person as well.

  4. All looks very inspiring India ..makes for a great trip to the big smoke!

  5. I missed you at the Art Gallery of NSW by one day! But my friend who went to your talk was thrilled to actually be able to handle the cloth. I did get to Erin's exhibition and loved it.