Monday, 13 August 2012

sailing on [a] high

self portrait at Big Sur

as a parting gesture
i set two boats afloat at San Gregorio
[a paste-up of which appears below]
one turned to the right and floated straight out into the Pacific
the other turned left
and literally went upstream
back into America

and then i drove to the airport
through the redwoods
too big and beautiful to attempt to capture virtually
you will just have to imagine them
and their wonderful fragrance

sadly the connection from SFO to LAX
was over an hour late
but there was a glorious sunset over San Francisco
[though fog obscured my favourite bridge] 
meaning that by the time i scrambled to the Qantas checkin
having covered about 300miles through LAX on foot
getting from one end to the other
there were no window seats left

i'd been hoping to gaze at the Perseids
while floating up on high
[had time permitted, being on the west coast two days later
would have allowed for perfect viewing]

ah well, i'll be looking out for the Draconids in October
they are best viewed from the Northern Hemisphere
and have the advantage of being easy to find
high in the sky as night falls
they aren't usually quite so spectacular as the Perseids
or the Leonids
but have the reputation of being able to put on a surprising display
this will be my lucky year
[certainly has been generally wonderful so far]


  1. Hope it is your year deserve it. i think you are one amazing woman! lynda

  2. home again, home again. glad the little boats continue to point you in both directions (particularly glad they point here!). sorry you haven't a window--

  3. Wishing you great luck seeing Draconids in October when you wind your way back over. Will you tell the class about them? I'll be eager to hear as I'm lucky enough to be in your first class over Columbus Day weekend. Safe travels.

    1. oops should have hit 'reply' to make sure you got the answer in your mail...please see comment below

  4. in that case Jennifer you shall certainly hear about them as they will be at their best on the night of October 7, visible from sunset but [according to predictions] putting on the best show at about 10pm that evening. the moon will be waning [which will help darken the sky] so all we have to hope for is that the Dogs Above give us the gift of a clear sky