Saturday, 11 August 2012

deeeelighted to announce

my friend Roz [whose exquisite stitched work many will have spotted in Second Skin]  has been lured to South Australia
to give a workshop near the biggest river in the driest state on the driest continent

[in the Brewery at Goolwa]

it will be fabulous.
i know quite a few folks have been lusting after treasures similar to those lovely pieces of silver that dangle from a string around my neck
this is your chance to make your very own amulet AND do some fabulous stitching [and have your lunch prepared by me every day...i'm cooking!]

here's the link to Roz's blog where you will find sign-up details [and much nicer pictures of the work]


  1. there are times when it totally sucks to live so far away.

    1. Having just hopped back over the water feature I can tell you it really isn't so very far, at least not from the left hand edge of America ...