Monday, 2 July 2012

now is the winter made gloriously colourful

from the drying lines in the workroom

to one in the hotel bathroom

yesterday i had another big day
and magical colours were produced
in spite of it's being midwinter here

proving that
it is indeed possible to coax brilliance from leaves
without using toxic adjunct mordants
at any time of year [mind you, scrabbling under snow to collect them could put a dampener on things]

the Amazing Marion at Beautiful Silks
has had a new cloth woven a blend of silk and wool.
a bit sturdier to hand than the pure silk
[also warmer] and takes colour very well indeed
as the wool element simply sucks it up
[it's the sample on the right in the blurry bathroom shot]
...get it while you can...i can't find it on the website yet
but if you drop her a line
i'm sure she'll help you!

more detailed images of participants work [from yesterday's class] follow below


  1. WOW...such amazing colours. what sort of flowers and leaves were available to you India? The new cloth sounds interesting and very tempting.x happy dyeing India. Lynda

    1. seven varieties of eucalyptus
      carrot top
      magnolia grandiflora
      rose leaves
      acacia baileyana
      and several others i can't recall at the moment!

  2. So beautiful and soul filling...

  3. This is so inspiring, I love seeing all the things you make......

  4. looking at the pictures the word "eye candy" has a new meaning, I almost feel the sweetness in my mouth