Tuesday, 3 July 2012

called by the wild

i abandoned the city [and the hotel bear] for one night
in order to immerse myself in the forest
and help a friend with a project

the colours of the Australian landscape
are truly wondrous

third time lucky photographing the splish

some quiet stone-stacking

and what i used to call a 'bird bridge' .....when i was four.

back in the big smoke now and ready to be a quiet student in Velma Bolyard's shifu class tomorrow...


  1. All those different shades of red.....so special, i love them.
    Immerse yourself in the forest is the smartest thing to do......

  2. Forest is fountain of inspiration. Changing color, fallen leaves are inspiring. Reflection in water is pretty.

  3. Beautiful photos. Have fun in Velma's class!

  4. looking forward to this class. love the bird bridge.

  5. oh my goodness India, what gorgeous colours. Mother Nature is amazing and continues to amaze me every day. Glad the bear is still happy and quiet. Sad news for me ..yet again l have to withdraw from your course in Uk..can't get people to take my place once dates changed...l am so upset. i have a feeling we are not destined to meet..l am gutted. xlynda

  6. oh forgot to say..love the bird bridge!xlynda

  7. amazing... city one day, forest the next... there's some memories in that forest.... hugs

  8. Love the bird bridge too.

    Here we have something I call the squirrel highway...I can see the limbs bouncing in the distance as they come in to the feeder.

  9. I too love the 'bird bridge' even the name is stunning!

  10. Looks like fun very Goldsworthy esque, i used to dream of running off to live in the forest and making shapes with leaf and earth.. Art is everywhere x

    The 'splish' photo is awesome!