Thursday, 5 July 2012

from Melbourne to Los Angeles [well, sort of]

remarkably i am keeping a clean workspace
in Velma Bolyard's shifu class

possibly due [in part] to the fabulous breakfast
partaken of at Grigons & Orr
prior to settling down to all that paper spinning
i can now say
is considerably more tricksy than wool
paper doesn't have anything to grip with
unlike those fishlike scales that make working with wool so much fun

fortunately for us
we have an excellent teacher
guiding us through the intricacies of shifu
[i don't think Hiroko Karuno needs to lose any sleep over my efforts though]

i find it healthy to be a student from time to time
it makes me pay more attention as a teacher
because i am firmly reminded how it feels
to know very little about something

speaking of teaching
i will be sharing the ecoprint bundle technique in Los Angeles next month
at the Grau Haus
please contact Claudia Grau by email if you'd like more details


  1. what a wonderful observation.. how being a student once in awhile helps you become a better teacher.. I like that thought.. I remember when I took an encaustic class and I did not think the teacher was very helpful.. the experience did help me work harder to be a better teacher.

  2. It is so lovely that you get to be a student for a change, your work area looks very intriguing. And your breakfast, and especially your walk in the woods. Wishing a beautiful July to you. roxanne

  3. wonderful.... sounds and looks an amazing process...

  4. you vill spin ze paper and you vill like it!
    saith one duly impressed by your work site

  5. The bookmaking class at Shakerag this summer had an exercise in shifu paper spinning. Our friend Janet Crowe was in the class and we were so intrigued by the paper yarn that she included in her book making. I'm glad you got to learn how to spin it.

  6. This looks really interesting and quite exciting, looking forward to seeing the end results.......