Sunday, 1 July 2012

long day's walk into a quiet night

after a long day teaching a huge class
it was good to walk back through the dark to an evening of monastic silence in my hotel room
[note the use of hotel rather than helltell]

is simply wonderful.
furnished in a simple and slightly Japanese aesthetic
quiet [although in the CBD]
with a BATH. bliss. i can't think of many improvements [with the possible exception of a view over San Francisco Bay... not, however, something i'm likely to find here in Melbourne] other than changing the wording on their website [which describes it as "very unique". in my book, something is unique or it isn't. not a quantifiable quality...]

usually it would be way out of my budget
but thanks to a splendid deal on
i'm here.
i was met on arrival by a bear

who is excellent company
he respects my need for the Great Silence
after telling stories to
and answering questions from
23 [very nice] people
at Beautiful Silks yesterday


  1. Ahhhhhh ... love these bundles ! like a whole bunch of old amulets !!!

    1. .... and : "Paddington's" younger brother ????

    2. oddly enough, when you think about how amulets might be made...few leaves of a sacred herb, some magical pieces of metal
      all bundled up with a muttered charm and a piece of string
      there's quite a similarity!

  2. ooo all the yummy bundles..... all the delights of the sympo... and I'm heading off in the opposite direction this morn for my own (rare) teaching stint..... (I will be taking my own bears for support)

  3. what a perfect place to retreat to - with a bag of Haighs in hand (if they don't supply them that is) plus a bear! Glad to hear it is all going well xx

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  5. There is nothing like solitude to recharge one's batteries.

  6. Love, love the bundles. I always have a hard time waiting to open them. And view of SF bay these days ... would include a biting cold wind and lots of fog, you're not missing too much at the moment!

  7. Wow that's a big class to teach to..those bundles look wonderful. love the bear and so please you had company but he still repected your silence!x

  8. I love all those wrapped bundles... the intrigue and mystery draws me.. zen followers see new things or life emerge out of 'nothingness'.. alive with possibilities.