Friday, 29 June 2012


it becomes clear that a chosen path is the right one
after taking the first few faltering steps
signs appear

a kind weaver wrote to tell me of a loom in her safekeeping
that had been gifted to her
and was looking for a home

i went with my good friend r to have a look
and fell in love with it

we had to take it apart
to transport it home
the experience of constructing the Saori from flat pack
was very helpful
as was my friend r, who has [unlike me] been formally trained as a weaver
[my training is from my Ma, who can be formal but mostly prefers not to be!]

together we reconstructedthis wonderful passed-on gift
and now it awaits some loving care with hot beeswax
before i warp up

first though, i'm off to Melbourne
where i hear the Natural Dye Symposium is already in full swing in the concrete jungles of Fitzroy.


  1. (I love how the right things find us when we are ready for them) I don't envy you putting the loom back together again though!

  2. Mid-winter Christmas for sure. And such a deserving soul you are. Enjoy it. XOXO

  3. Wow it looks amazing!! So beautiful. Full of a past, and you to give it a future. Makes me think I should get around to someone helping me set up that little loom in my shed.

  4. glad it found you! say hello to velma once you get to melbourne and enjoy the symposium!

  5. How wonderful! Some things are clearly meant to be :) Enjoy the Symposium and lovely Fitzroy

  6. wow - reminds me of Viv's adventures with all her looms over the years. Magic

  7. oh, i'm so glad you got a big girl loom!

  8. I don't know much about looms .... but "big girl loom" sounds like a new classification .... love it .... you will have fun with it....

  9. Karma!!! may you become as warped as me!

  10. What a wonderful loom to have found its way to you. Oh, my goodness, the joys of creating some handwoven fabric for your eco work. From here on out, sky's the limit. Looking forward to hanging out in Santa Barbara.

  11. How terrific!
    (And I think it's Dog & Co. apologizing for your treatment by that 'dress welcher.')

    Have lots of fun with it and maybe share some pics of your newest fiber adventures. :-)

  12. Hi India,

    I have recently come across your blog and now have your Eco Colour book. Your art and talent is very inspiring and I have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. My post about the award is here:
    Thank you for your creativity,

  13. Wow! fascinating. I love looms but don't know a thing about weaving except grass by hand. I love fabrics though and I love reading about your Mom who can be formal but prefers not to be.

  14. It looks just like my Glimakra loom, still in pieces in one of my rooms here, waiting for a space of its own. Lucky you.