Wednesday, 16 November 2011

fieldwork in the blue mountains

they were very kind to me in the Blue Mountains
[especially Marjorie and Loret, who carried the burden of organising]
i stayed with my friend Pam de Groot
aside from being a top class felter and
general Good Sort, understands that it's important to relax with
a little something at the end of the day
and to have a bit of quiet time
because the very last thing you need
after a day on the deck [or at breakfast just before]
is to have your brains picked over by an info-vampire

[ of the reasons i so frequently camp in a helltell]

one day she even got up very very early
and took me for a wander into the bush
to this magical place

it was like standing in a William Robinson painting
[there's another link to his work on the side bar...]

the images above show some of the delightful colours
we coaxed into cloth from windfalls and weeds

there's another 'fieldwork' class next year
at the Geelong Forum in the last week of September 2012
part of a Design Focus Group
details should be on their website soon
it's already in the magazine


  1. My heart is racing just looking at your newest softly orchestrated...gentle waves captured in the fibers of the fabrics... Beautiful. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Hmm an India class in Geelong might be doable.

  3. Great view! Would like to come next year!! But it's a bit to far :)) hugzz...peebee

  4. See you had a great time with Pam!
    (I had a wonderful workshop with her this summer, worth every minute of it ;-) !!!)

  5. Thanks for the vicarious travels. -j

  6. William Robinson... Sigh...