Saturday, 19 November 2011

a bundle and a really exciting project

as those of you who swing by here from time to time may have noticed
i have a particular fondness for a cloud draped land just a little to the east of my island continent
and have more than once spent time in and around Nelson
where the amazing Judy Keylock
this year created a project for the Maitai School

Jo Kinross kindly sent some images


i particularly like the lupin prints on Judy's dress

in other news... when i was in Pennsylvania in September, Kelly McHaig kindly gave me a jar of chili jelly to take home. it looked fabulous so i wrapped it carefully in a silk scarf and then several layers of packing in the hope it would survive the trans-pacific crossing.

sadly the baggage-mishandlers crushed the jar. determined not the waste it, i scraped the broken glass off the silk and bundled a few extra leaves in it. this was a day or so before i was due to leave again.
for some reason i wasn't keen to open the bundle that week, so i decided to put it aside to await my return. it's so much easier to resist opening bundles when you're on the other side of the whirled.

 it didn't turn out too badly... slightly on the wrong side of aromatic, but not mouldy. and jolly nice colours.


  1. So sorry you weren't able to enjoy the taste of the jelly, but it certainly wasn't wasted. What glorious colors and marks on the silk.

  2. tell the children the truth, yes, wonderful project

  3. The Matai school should be a model. What wonderful transformations take place there!

  4. the cloth now looks like a misy landscape:) beautiful!!!

  5. am imagining 'slightly on the wrong side of aromatic' ..... mmmm .... lucky the marks are very much on the right side of yummy!