Tuesday, 15 November 2011

pond-hopping to the mountains of blueness

i dragged myself from the left coast of one continent
leaving a marker or two

to the right coast of another

where for the past five days
we have been experimenting with the local flora

rumour has it that someone [some time ago]
enlivened her train journey into the Blue Mountains
by slinging Coreopsis seeds out of the window

we did our best to reduce the weed burden
by harvesting for our dyepots


  1. Wow: lovely pictures, stone-towers and natural print work!

  2. Sounds like a very beautiful time!hugzz...peebee

  3. Ah, Hwy 9. I used to live in Ben Lomond, had a shop in Felton. Know the area well. Sorry the group conversations have made you feel uncomfortable ~ pioneering spirits like yourself are bellwethers who usually cause lesser mortals like the rest of us to look hard and deeply at ourselves. Don't take it personally, you are still way ahead of the curve because that's where you live! xo

  4. That's a splendid yellow from the coreopsis
    and it looks to be a splendid CA red woofie in the photo above.

  5. love the coreopsis transformations...

  6. gorgous images India...love your work here. have fun but then you always seem to have fun where ever you go indiaxxlyndax

  7. I love the stacked stepping stones...intriguing. Peace, mary Helen