Thursday, 4 August 2011

well content

aint' life grand.
people have been saying some very nice things about
Second Skin
for which i am grateful

i think much of the credit should go to 
Toyoko for putting my words and pix
together so beautifully
and to Janine for her eagle-eyed editing

aside from being grateful each morning
for waking up breathing [as opposed to not breathing]
i'm also very grateful that i am able to make a living doing so many things that i love to do. which include, but are not limited to, dyeing stuff, a lot of running stitch, wandering around the whirled, telling stories, making a few frocks, doing a bit of writing
spending a morning or two on my knees in the beautiful place below*
collecting windfalls

the [photo-stitched] image is of a dam, put in back in 1997

 the trees around it were planted by my father
many of them grown by Ian Doyle
through Trees for Life 

now these trees are making seeds
that in turn will grow to trees elsewhere on the property
potential for contentment yet to come

and a note for those in two minds whether to react to the previous post
- am delighted to say that nine folks have already signed up
just a few spaces left...

*on knees by side of dam, rather than IN it...


  1. my book hasn't arrived yet. can't wait. beautiful picture of that dam.

  2. I looked at your book in a store...and truly it surprised me - tears welled in my eyes because it was/is so beautiful. So I ordered it too. It's just one of those books you have to have even if you never do any of the processes. Thanks a ton!

  3. I'm waiting patiently for my copy too. The Bigfish promised me it will arrive on August 8th so I'm waiting!


  4. the book is enticing, the layout is wonderful and layered and rich. and the temptation to just hang up my teaching clothes (ha) and come early next year is huge.

  5. copy arrived today. It is well written, thought provoking and aids the creative juices. India, consider yourself showered with rose and marigold petals.

  6. your humble correspondent thanks you all!

  7. my book arrived this afternoon. it is magnificently done. can't wait to get involved in its pages.

  8. my book arrived today.. can't wait to get a moment to peruse tonight...i absolutely love the cover and the overall design is stunning.. a delicious work of art!

  9. OOOHH goody gotta get me one of those.

  10. Have just written a review for the september issue of Quilt & Zo ( - you have made another gorgeous book!

  11. The book sits by my bed, because it is the

    ultimate luxury to sit with a cup of tea in the morning light and pore over it..

  12. now.... I have a voucher I was given for what am I waiting for .. this is the book ... now where's that voucher?
    I've added to Roz' list... so pleased!

  13. is it possible to fall in love with a book? yes. i have . so beautiful... everything about it is heavenly! thanks india!