Sunday, 7 August 2011

possibly the last of the mohicans

i finished a commission yesterday
by which i mean
that i finally opened the bundle
and hung it to dry

i loved making it
and so it took twice as long as it should have
as i played with a needle on the surface
this is not a practical way to earn a living

this may well be the last of the dress commissions
that i accept

the trouble with being Sagittarian 
is that we don't like to be fenced in
and working to notes
is very much a form of fencing in
on the other hand we get excited by possibilities
and are overly optimistic

but i'm still grateful to the person who placed their trust in me
and asked me to make a dress
it's not at all their fault that i spent twice as much time on it
as i expected to
and that i followed a running stitch
and couldn't stop


  1. It turned out beautifully! I know what you mean as far as working on a commissioned piece goes, I found that i fretted more and was paranoid the whole time that they wouldn't like it. I felt as tho my "creative voice" had been put in a cage. I love to dye, mostly wool, and look forward to buying your book!

  2. Oh, I get that. Libras don't like fences either... commissions are always hard for me. Beautiful piece!

  3. As a Sagittarian myself, your description is so on point it is scary. Beautiful results nevertheless.

  4. Geminis either! I get wayyyyyy to stressed doing commissioned work. Your's looks beautiful!

  5. oh yes... the commissioned work.... they can have that love- hate tension at times...
    but better still is how you put it.... tendencies to keep going and then it does not sit well in the bounds of pragmatics...
    your stitching is wonderful an as is the writing on it!

    ha.. yes close eyes and point to map... do tell when the time comes!

  6. i don't think being an artist is a practical way of earning a living, but then it is the only way for most of us...

  7. Ah, the commissioned wedding gowns. I don't miss them one bit. This sort of work would even be more difficult. The desired outcome may not always be achieved. But India, it's a wonderfully subtle blending of stitch and beautiful colour. I'd be happy to be the recipient of such a lovely piece of art. My daughter gave me your "Second Skin' as a gift. It compliments your first book rather well, just keep picking it up and reading it over and over. We "Tall Poppies" had a few dye pots going yesterday.....patiently waiting until it's time to unwrap.

  8. i think that commissions can be exhilarating or exhausting, and allow us to push a bit. especially if it's the kind of thing one really wants to do

  9. Hi India, do you ever exhibit your wonderful work in Sydney? I would love to see it in real life but 'til them thank you for sharing here on the world wide web.

  10. yes indeedy, Mo Crow

    showing in Sydney
    at Planet
    114 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

    March 2012

    thanks for asking

  11. I know what you mean about commissions-- completely what someone else wants instead of what you want to do.. but I do love to see your bundles after they are unwrapped...

  12. in this instance the commissionER and the commissionEE were happily singing from the same songsheet - only problem was that i kept humming long after the music stopped.

  13. your Sydney show is in the diary India and re how long a piece of art takes well it takes as long as it takes... that's art isn't it? the payback is in the dream thing coming out into the world fully formed and true to your dreaming, your work is so strong & true with so much soul it comes through in photos can't wait to see the work in real life.

  14. I only came across this post today, can't thin k how l missed it . I agree with everything everyone has said but l just wanted you know l feel the same way. Commissions are always hard work. This piece is GORGEOUS..lucky person receiving it. x lynda x