Tuesday, 2 August 2011

i waited until it was August 1 in yesterdayland

well that was a tricky task i set myself
thank you ALL for your delightful contributions
i have enjoyed following the trail of breadcrumbs back through the interpixies' forest to explore some new places

loved the poem about the brown flower [even though my Spanish is dodgy at the best of times]
was good to be reminded about rosebuds
judging by some of the things that were mentioned
i see that quite a few of you
know rather a lot about me
beyond mere playing with leaves


"new frock made with the lightness of the early morning sun and the fragrance of gently used leaves"
"Comparing the number of leaves to the number of stars"
"stalking the wilderness without a map"
"gathering the light into my basket"

were just a few of several that stood out, but they all made me smile, thank you
but i have to say
that Valerianna won my heart with the mention of my grandmother

so if Valerianna would care to advise me of her postal address
[you'll find my email address on the contact page at www.indiaflint.com]

then i shall be sending her a wee bundle...

as for the rest of you, please don't go away 

i have an interesting announcement to make tomorrow


  1. Ooooo..... how cool is THAT! I'll head right over to your web site and send you my shipping info. I'm soooo excited, yipee! And I owe it all to the deep forest grandmothers, they whispered to me what to say.....

  2. and dare i say Valerianna ... your land is called Ravenswood.
    some power in such a name as well me thinks..
    thanks Indiana , participating in this fun had me remembering those long ago school days of writing 'compositions ', way more enjoyable for me this time tho.

  3. and if the postal service isn't having too many cups of tea there should be something in your mailbox today anyways, r....

  4. Well done, Valerianna. Your prose was lovely. Enjoy your bundle of India goodies.

  5. it was just too much fun to watch unfold.....like your bundles

  6. I'm so glad Valerianna (one of my favourite bloggers) won, I love this interconnectedness between us all, weaving our web across the world!

  7. but..but...mmmine was the best (lol)

    Valerianna..what you wrote was so India!

    it also reminds me of the
    13 Original Clan Mothers

    Jamie Sams

  8. Congrats Valerianna! I love what you wrote - beautiful! :-)

  9. The dark flower to India, his beloved grandmother and Valerianna.