Saturday, 7 May 2011

things to do in London

you can only marvel at the Regent's Park management
here the gardeners are pulling out tulips in full flower
ready to change the arrangements
i have such trouble coaxing these bulbs to flower at home

so i gathered some windfall petals
before the black ones were ripped untimely from their beds
they've been tied in silk
but not cooked yet
i was too busy
having fun at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

i discovered by accident that if you stand quite still
[for example while reading a piece of text on the wall]
people become quite confused
and begin to stare at your details

twice somebody walked up and tweaked my sleeve to see if i was real

here's a picture of a gypsy telling George Bush's fortune
[outlook not so good]


  1. and so..... were you real?

  2. the jury's still out on that one

  3. i'll never believe this shorthaired gypsy would tell GB'
    s fortune.

  4. never "misunderestimate" a gypsy
    no matter what the length of their hair

    actually the funny thing was [in Mme Tussaud's] that there was a wall of tyrants and despots [Hitler, Yessir I'msofat, Gaddafi etc....with GB junior in the corner at the end]

    a very curious juxtaposition indeed.

  5. Dear Gypsy,
    love your new dew.
    Soooooooo jealous that you're in London. Victoria and Albert or the Tate perhaps? There is a show over at Leslie Craze Gallery by Michelle Griffiths right now. If you get a chance to see the work of Betty Pepper- she was represented at Leslie Craze at Clerkenwell Green. Oh my, I am time-traveling and wishing I were there. Wish I was there.

  6. Or there's always fish and chips with a side of mashed peas...hummm enjoy your visit report often.

  7. So keep moving, you say?

    It's such a weird place anyway, very old world.

  8. dear gypsy,
    i love this
    and the black tulips...

    xox - eb.

  9. That gypsy shot is cracking me up! Wonder if you might make it up to Hampstead Heath....

  10. For someone standing so certainly get around.

  11. Beanie has ideas for What To Do in London, if you have time to browse. Spitalfields Market is fun up by livepool Street Station, and the number 11 bus, top deck, is well worth the fare!!!

  12. thanks everyone for kind thoughts and suggestions.

    have compared several offerings of mushy peas [and liked them all, especially when doused with Tabasco]

    London has so many museums you could visit a different one every day and not get through them in a year [count them and do the math if you don't believe me]

    and the markets....i have many more to work through, next time

  13. Now I would have asked them if I could dead head the tulips theyd pulled up!
    Theyd only be going into compost lets face it lol
    Those parrot tulips are so pretty. Burton Agnes hall here in East Yorkshire has a variety of them in their walled garden which is simply delightful to visit.
    I have whole list of folks I would like to give their horoscope to....GB included lolol

  14. oh no you are here......if you have time..l live in Putney..15 mins from Central londonxxneed a guide or a person to have coffee with......02087857887 or 07545450018...l am so gutted cn't come on your course in Switzerland but family timexxxx lynda

  15. oddly with tulips it's the dried out petals that work best
    so was happy to collect em
    had i been in my home country i would have begged for bulbs

    and thanks Lynda
    actually pootled past the Putney Bridge the other day [on the northern side of the river]
    ah well

    am in Geneva now, en route to the class
    maybe next time

  16. please let me know next time you are here..have spare bed!xxlynda

  17. you do make me smile! a gypsy and george bush... now theres a story!