Friday, 6 May 2011

the plot thickens [or i've merely stepped in the porridge]

i clicked on a thingy to make a page
and facebook had a bit of a cow
and changed everything
strange stuff

it's beginning to make me twitch.

and now here's some news i pasted over there

provided my four dresses [two that were shown in the ISEND exhibition at La Rochelle and another two from the depths of my travel kit] are able to negotiate the French Postal Service they will be shown in an exhibition at the French Cultural Institute in Bucharest, during the Pasarela Fashion Festival in May [ie very very soon]
it's being organised by the nice folks from

Trend Union - Bloom
30-47 bd saint jacques 75014 Paris
T: +33 (0)1 45 65 59 92


  1. well done Trend Union - Bloom !
    congratulations you ...
    and porridge can be very good,
    all depends on who is making it
    [porridge for eating, not stepping in, that is]

    ps. hope you are staying respectably warm with the travel kit now reduced by two!

  2. I am in a state of amazement...well done and congratulations to yo on your journey. Peace, Mary Helen

  3. Porridge for breakky...yum yum, first time this year..
    Congratulations.. fantastic news.