Thursday, 5 May 2011


have dipped my toe into the terrifying maelstrom that is
not because i want to spend hours chatting
because i have been [firmly] informed
that it's a useful way of letting folks know about events

haven't yet worked out how to create a link between



doubtless enlightenment will come with experience
[or someone will give me a tip]


  1. I tried to find something positive to write about facebook, but had to give up - but I'm sure it's true that news travels fast on that site :)
    I like your new sort of left handed header!

  2. Love "Free Associate" with the Cemetery and Facebook... Still chuckling

  3. Hi India,

    This is how I got to you on Facebook (and I sent a friend request but forgot to include a message, so that's me!)!/profile.php?id=100002344526761

  4. I'm still trying to figure out how you write this lovely prose in what used to be the dreadfully named 'comment' for Facebook.....ooooooo.....tread lightly. My instincts and 'real' life stories only know it as a treacherous place.....although I see the brilliantly advertised and hyper connected seem to use it very well to their advantage.....surely they use it only for output....with no clue or tip, I wish you good passage into that territory!

  5. I haven't done the fb thing yet either, but everyone does tell me I NEED to for the best advertising.... oh well, I might be joining you there soon....

  6. i just recently linked my blog to facebook through
    it was quite easy.

  7. Oh heh, Kit's addy above worked...happy to see you there. Most important tidbit I might offer: make good use of the 'Privacy' settings as they are what gives *you* the control and helps to avoid the feeling of f'bookers quite literally running away with you...

    and they don't call it a social networking site for nothing - that is an absolute truth-ism. Happy 'booking.

  8. Facebook will be the death of all of us! Just kidding. There should be a way to link it in your preferences on your blog. If not, download a "gadget" that does it for you. And on your Facebook page, there is a place for you to put your blog URL when you edit your profile. It should be in contact info.

  9. I've found that having a page as opposed to an individual profile can be a good way to use fb (and to further protect your work/self/business/ etc from online nasties - and to stop anyone from setting up a page in your name (eeeek) and profiting from it).

    I've also found that in both blog-land and social networking,if you play nice (and in fb, chose friends carefully - that is if you have an individual profile as opposed to a page) wellllll mostly things are ok (there are a lot of viral bugs and hiccups in fb however..... I suggest you use a secure connection - ie https.... you can change that in your settings - oh and as other mates in here have also suggested - watch your privacy settings)
    oh and as well as networking your blog (which often requires a less secure connection) you can use the 'notes' section in there to import your blog feed.....when you post to your blog it will automatically appear in fb-land... noice (and you didn't even have to log into fb to do it) hmmm I think I've just posted a lot of nerdy garble

    just do what makes you feel comfortable eh - and good luck!

  10. I too am on facebook but mostly to see what family are doing and see daughters photos of my ponies. Have to ask for help as I never know how it works and dont really want to, Prefer the blog.

  11. Been following your blog for sometime. Love you work and what you are doing with sustainable textiles. Have your book, too.

    And finally something I have experience with. Just took a social media course for charities. Facebook is great for building a community around a common goal or values. It has lots of tools to help you evaluate how effective you are being, too, and can help you lead people gently to your website and blog. But if you commit to fb you need to post at least once a day and post good content so people will want to read it. Plus respond when someone comments or likes your posts. Asking questions is a good way to get feed back. The recommended time investment to see results is 2 hours per week.

    You want an "artist" page or "business page" though, and you don't need to "friend" everyone. Instead those who are interested in what you have to say "like" your page and then have access to your posts and can post comments too.

    And yes, a person can waste a lot of time on fb but it is a useful tool to build a community and to get a better turn out on events. But only if the audience you want to reach is already on facebook.

    Once you have your artist page there is a way to get the source code to put a widget on your blog (cut and paste it into the html code -- directions given)This directs people to your facebook page so they can "like" you and get your feeds. If you go to someone's page with a facebook button and you click on it it will take you to the place where you can make your own button.


  12. i continue to listen to my nattering brain which doesn't trust fb... but 'They' are very insistent in the assertion that I MUST go there... I shrink for now - only have so much time and I love the Blogosphere, which has been consistent in providing the community I was looking for pre-blog. Do keep us up-dated on your experiences with facebk, pro and con; I may yet succumb.
    Thanks to all who commented on this post before me, very helpful! sus

  13. You new blog look is great. Facebook has expanded my world. Artists from all over the world have connected. I would never have been aware of them otherwise. Russia, South America, Middle East, the list is endless. We seldom speak the same language but we all speak art.

    The key is to keep your pass word complex with a symbol, a number and letters. If you have any issues at all, simply change your pass word. The people I connect with share art. Not much chat. Good Luck!

    You can link your blog to facebook, and your blog posts will automatically be posted on your facebook profile. Easy.

  14. Do it, India. I am much more likely to keep up with blog updates that are linked through Facebook, than to go looking for them myself. Also I find that artists do connect to individuals like myself who use our FB home page as an information feed more than a chat place. It's a good way for quick updates or posting an interesting picture or sharing something you wouldn't necessarily write a whole blog post about.

  15. I think social networking is a great idea, especially for artist's and the like but I have to say that I've found Facebook to be very non-user friendly :( I find it frustrating to use because it never lets me 'like' other pages which I don't understand and don't find very social... perhaps it's because I don't have a personal profile, who knows, I give up and just use it in the limited mode it allows me... good luck with it :)

  16. You can share individual posts on your facebook site just by clicking on the title of the post so that page alone comes up, then clicking on share at top of page. Select facebook and it posts to your profile. You might have to log in. I prefer to do that rather than doing "networked blogs" or the alternate things mentioned by your other followers because it is simpler and I dread automatic posting.