Sunday, 8 May 2011

chinese whispers?

this is quite funny [thanks Asa]
and my French friends may find themselves scratching their heads
according to the Sydney Morning Herald
La Rochelle is now in Paris
and apparently i was doing some "launching".

not exactly...
just showing some frocks
which featured Milkymerino
along with beautiful silk

off to Switzerland now
i'll leave you with this lovely cauldron
found at the British Museum


  1. 24 k gold cauldron ?
    nice ..

  2. was there last week..amazing place isn't it? glad you were able to see the museum. I often spend hours there sketching to my hearts content!x

  3. Not to do with anything but oh I have been having such fun dyeing using your methods so thank you so much for those couple of days at Yankalilla, no leaf is now safe!
    Your wanderings sound magical.

  4. have been enjoying reading your blog as you wander the world ,especially France and am particularly enjoying your latest photos.
    The SMH often becomes very creative and just be assured that we are not building a "Brothel" really......but the ability to TOTALLY produce Milkymerino right here in OZ!!!!!You,d be so proud I am sure.Travel safely and enjoy Switzerland!!!!