Thursday, 9 December 2010

in print

it's been a rather bountiful year for print
what with kindly mentions in
a story just out in Felt
in today's mail
a beautifully written account of the Waiuku farm wandering
by Madeleine Delany
in Earth Garden
and of course the odd book

the imminent issue of Fiberarts
also gives plant dyes a mention
and I believe the Surface Design Journal
will print a contribution written by Wendy Lugg
in the nearish future

however when i had an enquiry for an article this week past
from somebody at
the journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
and i sent them a copy of the story just published by Felt
[as a sample]
the response [apparently from the committee]
was that my ramblings were not suitable fodder for their publication.

fair enough
in any case
i'd rather save my energy for editing the first proofs of
second skin [due for publication in July 2011]
...and for writing my novel
it's hungry for time and imagination
more fun to write than explicit instructions for yarn dyeing


  1. word....

    hey won't be in melb but in them there hills next got a precious few minutes for chin wag and tea?
    ahh...sun just shone, you are light lady...yay..xx

  2. whooo hooo for publications.

    the world can always use another terrific book.

    and could always use a few less negative nelly editors.

    keep going ;)

  3. It strikes me, India, that you are not one for those with too many "rules" or traditions. So much for the weavers and yeah for the other fiber folks who want to spread your inspiring methods and ideas!

  4. first congrats on all the words in publications - and if not, then it is their loss- which does leave more time for the fun writing of a novel.

  5. Novels are more fun then
    I'm looking forward to second skin.

  6. didn't know you were hatching a novel, too. wonderful. the ways of publications and their editors are wondrous weird.

  7. don't get me wrong, i love my work and writing about recipes
    but when i'm expected to be grateful for the "opportunity" to write long technical articles for zero remuneration
    working on the novel seems to be more fun....

  8. I agree with Serena - the world awaits your work; your novel written words.

  9. you will be so famous. a woman of so many words.

  10. Bravo to you India... you have so much going on that is SO wonderful and SO inspiring ...all deserving fine renumeration and the most positive of responses.
    Go Girl!

  11. I am pleased you are being published all over the place. I al still deep into your book and enjoying it so much. I have just dyed my first piece of clothing, rather than just stripos of silk and so on. I thought you might like a quick peek at what you have been inspiring me to do. I am having such fun and learning all the time. Thanks India for starting me on this new adventure l have started on. Lyndax

  12. I think we are all dying to find out what the novel is about. Congrats on all the worldwide publicity - you deserve it!

  13. As l have already said...congratsxx just a quick question if you have the time this busy Christmas period! Have you ever dyed using seaweed as the main materail? can't find much about it, just wondered if you could point me in the right direction or had any health issues about itx?xxthanks..lynda

  14. exactly,

    every time someone says, "no thanks" you are closer to your true demographic, or your true practice.

  15. A novel.. how exciting. I for one, would love to read your ramblings...

    {I do hope you enjoyed my ramblings about you in the Peppermint mag}.