Wednesday, 8 December 2010

in case you happen to be in Melbourne on December 11th

i've been invited to make a small performance for

shall be unwrapping a few bundles
pegging a few things on a line
and maybe telling a few stories
December 11

Federation Square

hope to see some of you there...


  1. How lovely. Wish I could be there - will be in spirit. Will anyone be taking a video?

  2. Oh, if I lived on the same continent, I'd be there! I showed one of my first experiments with orange marigold (tagetes sp.) on my blog today. Thank you for all the information, I'm loving it.

  3. better than christmas presents.

  4. Beautiful colors and great texture

  5. Problem is my broom is out of service at present, so l wioll not be able to fly over from Uk...good luck and wish l was there to see and hear youxxlynda

  6. oh, please Pamela videos. here's an excerpt from an article i wrote for 'felt' magazine recently [an article about 'provenance'] that tells you how i feel about being filmed [i don't mind working to a script and under direction]

    ..." finding that someone in your workshop has been filming you while you tell your stories and suddenly there you are on You-tube with your double chin and your slumping skin looking like a complete hag. Seeing myself from that perspective it’s really little wonder I’ve been single for the past 19 years."...

    so i'm afraid i'm firm in workshops now. pix are fine but video me at your peril...