Saturday, 10 July 2010


as we reach Astoria to join Route 101
the fog wraps itself around us
like a big soft blanket
cool on the cheeks
but wonderful

someone has built an elegant stack
on a roadside post
the midday sun has eaten the lovely fog

an abandoned sandcastle at driftwood beach
is our marking point
so we can find the trail out again
more fog

and the night time amusement
reconstructing the dress
that had been intended to stay in Montreal
but didn't

we're back in California now
dinner was dried salmon and bread
followed by peanut butter and buckwheat honey
eaten together with a small spoon
i have a passion for honey
and seek it out wherever i go
the buckwheat honey found at the Pike Street Markets
in Seattle
liquid gold but oh so dark...

the road-trip continues tomorrow
along the old route 1
by the coast

thirty four years since i was last on this road
unlike Montreal
it retains its magic
despite widened roads
and many more buildings than i remember...


  1. i have been here. there...

  2. It is a magical place, the one you are in right now. One where I made my home for over a decade, and one I dream of on many a night. Breathe in the essence deep within you and carry it with you when you go. It is a good thing to have....

  3. Yes, The coastal 1 is a wonderful place. Full of surprises. Happy memory making! -J

  4. could cheerfully take up residence in a beachside shack in Oregon...

  5. India -- might you be coming down Southern California way on this trip?

  6. I was waving as you drove by. ;o)
    My word verification was stopp!

  7. Ahh, you are making me homesick for my old routes/roots!

    I like what you are doing for your night time amusement, although a few of the local bars have very colorful, California-esque offerings...'spose one could do both :>]]

    I hope you'll pen something when you hit Big Sur (I mean, "cruise into Big Sur with the top down") ENJOY!

  8. If you stopped in Seattle I was close by-- I will look for that buckwheat honey as I love my peanut butter with honey on wholegrain.. and thanks for that Japanese paper company link-- sounds like you are having wonderful travels.

  9. It makes the world seem smaller, reading this. I bet you drove through my current corner of the world and you will certainly drive through my past world if you are heading down highway one towards San Francisco. My grandfather used to talk about the fog being so bad going down the coast of Northern California that someone would have to walk along the side of the road to guide a car...

  10. Lovely photos and poetry ... I hope you enjoy your journey.