Wednesday, 7 July 2010

à bientôt Quebec

there might be other ways to play with leaves
there's no better place than the Panetier du Faubourg
for breakfast in Quebec

only the foolish [or ridiculously disciplined]
could resist the aroma of freshly baked bread
wafting down the Rue StJean at 7am

being neither
we didn't.
the Brioche aux Raisins
is to die/dye for

and we may yet return
to acquire rations
in order to sustain us on the flight out


  1. LOL. I spent quite a bit of time reading John's profile of your lovely work on his blog yesterday - your textures make me want to reach out and (tsk tsk) touch.

    I do wish he would learn the difference between dyeing and dying, however. Cheesh! Glad I discovered your blog. Thanks for the link to Tony Tuckson's work.

    I wish I had found those restaurants when I was in Quebec recently!

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  3. I've just come from the Sturt winter school where every day the pattisserie in Bowral sang it's lorelei song five kms away and I had to drive to it..