Saturday, 10 July 2010

things to remember

fireflies in Tennessee
catfish in Memphis
the Oregon Coast. all of it.
New Orleans. all of it.
SOMA chocolate from Toronto
the smell of that bakery in Quebec
the sounds of the bells on the buoys in each little bay
are all firmly imprinted

driving down Highway 1
has just taken 30 years off how old i feel

next week it's back to work
time to bring in the sheep
mow the hayfield that is my garden
and sweep the dust from the studio
so as to get cracking on work for Surface Design next year...


  1. this trip sounds glorious. i am on the other coast now, watching how fog rules the days.

  2. Just looking at your pics and thinking of your trip has made me feel young again too. Thank you!

  3. Your photos reflect the wonder of the route, and how much it means to you. They are beautiful. Must feel good to finish up your travels and the teaching and head back to your own work, your own land, and your own bed. That's how I feel after traveling, no matter how wonderful the trip has been.

  4. what beautiful things to remember.
    the sound of the bells, the smell of that bakery, fireflies. oh.
    your photos are simply beautiful and nourishing - what a wonderful adventure you're adventuring along.