Sunday, 18 July 2010

new orleans

the mention of amulets, talismans and charms over at Art Propelled
put me in mind of New Orleans
and the voodoo that is never far from the surface

look carefully
a wee skull grins below
amidst the fripperies

i know i've shown one of these images in an earlier post
but sitting here with the dog
rummaging through pictures while she dozes
with her head in my lap

couldn't help but put a few more up

half the fun of travelling is reminiscing
after the suitcase schlepping is done with


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  2. i am longing to be in my bed, wendy snoozing on the rug, coyotes cracking up in the hedgerow, to process to plan to think without interruption. nifty mosiac.

  3. ok. didn't think i'd be doing this but am going to switch to comment moderation
    this ain't the place for links to odd places or unrelated advertising.

  4. I thought only word verefication was enough but still odd things show up.
    How"s mum and dog?

  5. So glad you posted more photos. LOVE your new header .... a lot! (THanks for the mention :-)

  6. I find shrines and talismans etc fascinating. I've been thinking about 'outsider art' sculpture, and work such as Andy Goldsworthy's that always seems so sacred, and I think there is a deep human need/urge to connect with the environment in a meaningful and spiritual way and build something (like a shrine) within it. Not to overwhelm or claim the landscape, but rather to somehow engage with it, begin a 'conversation' with it. A need to make something with our hands that becomes a messenger between the human world, and the wider world beyond. But I'm probably just waffling!

  7. and all along i thought you read japanese! (or whatever)

  8. India--I know what you mean about the comment moderation. I thought that "maybe" the comments were legit but then when you look at where they are coming from...too weird! Exactly what you said: odd places and unrelated advertising!!! (you know what I mean). I just delete every one that comes through. I love these mosaics. Are they all different or different pics of the same one? I am interested in all that stuff that they tuck in there. I definitely has a meaning.

  9. Thinking of you and your dog. It is so sad when they start to wane. It makes you feel helpless. I am hoping for revival now that you are back in everyone's midst.