Saturday, 17 July 2010

variations on a theme

saturday night on the sofa [happily still with the dog]
well, you know what they say
the devil finds work for idle hands
been doing a bit of rummaging
[cos i've been having trouble threading needles in the dark]

just substitute SF for LA in the song...

and then there's this one

the Animals had their tuppence-worth too

for the secret romantic

or for some spectacular frocks


  1. Must say I really like SF

    a ton more than LA.

    But there ya go..

  2. I have just found you, after reading a beautiful article in Peppermint mag.
    I didn't expect to find this post... but want to thank you.
    When I was a little girl I would dance around my father's lounge room to San Franciscan Nights.
    Now he's dancing around the cosmos... and I cherish these unexpected moments of memories.