Saturday, 19 June 2010

the wonder of the woods

we wandered the woods
wrote by a cavern
drew images of plants
were told their names
and then went and made more bundles

the oak leaves were magical
as were the maples
and the maple-leaved viburnums

windfall eucalypts wandered in from Florida
and were eagerly consumed
[nil by mouth]

and in the end
we took our books back to the woods


  1. Each photograph is a work of art..... visual haiku. Oh the bundles ... so divine!

  2. yes, i agree, but those BOOKS!!!!! those books are amazing.

  3. Such a beautiful post..visually inspiring, the bundles look neolithic. Thank you.

    I've been to see another artist at The Suffolk Open Studio's' event today. Jo dye's cloth, very different to your own but it has it's own story, I don't know if you know of the textile artist JO Budd she has just had work commisioned by the V&A to be held in the permanent collection.

    She is such a lovely person so welcoming and excited by the work that she is creating... and we got to walk around her amazing garden..
    A truly wonderful afternoon..

    ~ Julie

  4. Beautiful inspiring books. I love to take my work back to it's origins too.

  5. Am beginning to think that eucalypts have quite the wandering tendency. They must have a secret stash of frequent flyer miles.

    That is some woodland library you folks created there!

  6. Thank you for this post. It is hard to believe that the project is over. Spent the day in my wooded garden boiling up treasures!

    You are an inspiration. Thank you for all that you passed on to us at Shakerag!

  7. it was a wonderful week...and now i stand on the brink of the next which we move from books to felt!

  8. I assume the bundles are how you wrap up your fabrics around plants and such? and then unwrap them? I like the look of the bundles-- so mysterious and organic-- and the books look wonderful.

  9. yup
    tis the most efficient, effective and delightful way that i know to colour cloth....